Leatherman Services, Inc.

Our Rates

Presently our minimum rate is $195.00 for the first hour excluding travel time. Any items repaired after the first hour will be billed per item. Weekends and after hours incur an additional charge of 25%. Experience has taught us that by billing by the item, our clients will know exactly the repair cost per item. During the normal course of a job, we would incur interruptions by a simple accident, an extended phone call or because of fatigue and would be forced to break for rest. Because of these interruptions, we found it much easier to invoice by the item than to try to keep time for various items.

Byron’s door repair

While installing a security device on a door, this customer ran the bit through the face causing a large bubble. The area is about 9 inches in length and 3 inches wide. Byron removed the bubbled portion, fill the void, restored the wood grain pattern, and finish the area. He did a tremendous job on this door, as shown here. The cost to the customer was $500.00.

Darnell Hospital, Ft Hood Tx.

The repairs on this door was at the Darnell Hospital project in Ft Hood Tx. The cost to repair this door was $55.00

Freight elevator door repair

The dark area in this freight elevator door is the reflection of darker things in the room and is not the result of stain used in the repair.

Due to the excessive drywall residue on the door, the appearance looked far worse than it actually was. There were many deep gouges that were repaired. It was apparent after the repair that it definitely had been tremendously abused, however the final appearance did not look new as is the case of many doors, it was acceptable in appearance to be used as a freight door. The cost to repair this door was $350.00.