Leatherman Services, Inc.

Leatherman Services, Inc.

Proudly announces the availability of a restoration service for General Contractors, Commercial Management companies, Schools and Hospitals.  Our service focuses on the punch list phase of the construction process as well as aiding existing facilities in keeping a well maintained appearance. 

--- Save time and money on costly replacements ---

  • • A wide range of fillers designed for various applications have proven to be lasting and virtually undetectable repairs on laminated plastic, wood, marble, granite, stone, terrazzo as well as art objects and relief surfaces.


    •  The need to replace doors with misplaced mortises or other surface damages can be eliminated----paneling, countertops, and other surfaces can now be salvaged for a fraction of the replacement costs --- doors considered too damaged to be salvaged have now found a continued usefulness in prominent places in renovated buildings.


    •  Damaged flooring and wall tile can be repaired instead of replaced with unsightly “near-color” matches.


    •  Save time and money --- what might take a carpenter or refinisher hours to repair might require only minutes  with this new service  --- and at a fraction of the replacement cost!


Leatherman Services, Inc.  has found a warm welcome with many Austin area construction companies and building owners in Austin and other cities throughout Texas.  Because of our innovative skills, special techniques, and money saving methods, we are providing these companies with a quick and reliable source for their surface restoration needs.

Contact us to book our services or to learn more about how we can help you. We proudly serve clients in The Texas Area.



Ron Leatherman


Mike Leatherman